Trump and Carson receive codenames from Secret Service

Now that they've been authorized to receive Secret Service details, Republican presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson will go by different names on the campaign trail.

The two leading GOP candidates received the codenames this week that Secret Service agents will use to identify them in the field, and both are fairly fitting. Fox News reported Tuesday afternoon that Trump, the savvy New York billionaire, will go by "Mogul," while Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and committed Seventh Day Adventist, will go by "Eli."

At Yale University, where Carson completed his undergraduate degree in psychology, "Eli" is a traditional nickname used by students on the Ivy League campus. It stems from the school's founder, Elihu Yale.

Neither candidate will be getting the name they suggested during the second Republican primary debate. Asked by the CNN moderators what name they would want Secret Service to call them as president, Trump quipped "humble" while Carson said "One Nation" — which happens to be the title of his latest book.