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The Day in Quotes

"Those are corrupt bastards, Chris. That's what is wrong with the media today..."

--Sarah Palin on "FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace" on a purported audiotape of Alaska journalists looking for negative stories about GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller.

"No, it's not a lost cause. And the one thing the American people don't like is Washington pundits telling them in advance what they're going to do."

-- Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen talking about control of the House on "FOX News Sunday"

"No, this is not 1994....[I]n 1994, the Republican brand, its image was much better than it is today. In every poll, Democrats as a brand fare much better."

-- Democratic National Senatorial Committee Chairman Robert Menendez on "This Week."

"[T]here's no question that this midterm election is a referendum on Obama's policies. He talks about it. The public talks about it. The dominant issues in America are all of this spending, outrageous spending, excessive debt, skyrocketing deficits, joblessness and what the American people are looking at, and they're saying the Obama policies aren't working."

-- Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour on "Meet the Press"

"I think the Republicans are saying they're going to take both Houses. We believe we're going to hold on to both Houses and we're going to see. I'm not going to predict. I -- I believe that we'll hold on to both Houses but the margins will get narrower, because the America isn't a 59-41 nation. The margins will get narrower. I think this is a choice, a clear choice, it's not a referendum."

-- Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine on "Meet the Press."

"I appreciate all the numbers, 50, 60, 70. I just -- my number is 39. Let's get to 39, because then you can begin to put in place the governing structure that you're going to need for your majority leadership in 2011."

-- Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on "State of the Union."

"I haven't done much tiptoeing lately. I am who I am. I've got my boots on. I'm just going to stomp."

-- Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck (R), quoted by the Denver Post, on how he'll would avoid turning "politically correct" in Washington.

"You'd be amazed how many times I take a picture with a very pregnant woman and she immediately gives birth."

-- Bill Clinton at an Ohio campaign rally after U.S. Rep. John Boccieri's wife went into labor as he was giving his speech.

"I made a promise to Harry Reid I wouldn't even speculate on this possibility. Harry Reid is our majority leader and I support him."

--Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, when asked on "State of the Union" if he would support Chuck Schumer for leader if Harry Reid loses Tuesday.

"African-American voters, I was in a subway station, they're on fire because of the attacks by Mitch McConnell on the president. They know what's at stake here. Gay voters, they know that they're in the cross-hairs. They're on fire. Latino voters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are riled up. So I think there's going to be some surprises. I'm not saying we're necessarily going to hold on to the House, but I think there are going to be some surprises on Election Day and particularly in Pennsylvania."

-- Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) on "Face the Nation."

"I'm resigned to the fact that it sucks."

-- Dave Beattie, a Florida-based Democratic pollster who is working on a slate of competitive House races and who acknowledges to Politico that the lower congressional chamber is lost.

Obama's Day

President Obama will be back in the bunker today after his weekend campaign swing across the country. He has no public schedule, and with a bad day looming for his party, we'll probably see very little of Obama until he leaves for his trip across Asia next week.

But the first lady is still at it, campaigning today for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Las Vegas and for Senate candidate Joe Sestak in Philadelphia.

Vice President Biden will campaign in Vermont for gubernatorial candidate Peter Shumlin, before closing out his months-long campaign efforts with a rally in his home state of Delaware.