After two years of conflict, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the White House are holding a joint event together at the Chamber building Monday, trying to make amends in a relationship that's had a rocky past.

The business lobby group has been at odds with the Obama administration pretty much from the beginning of President Obama's term, but recently the two have made amends and are trying to forge more of a partnership.

Ironically before the battle began, the Chamber was actually a big ally of Obama's when it came to the stimulus bill, but since then the two have agreed on very little.

The move is a part of a greater White House outreach to the business community, which the administration has been courting in recent months.

Here's a timeline of this political fight:

White House vs.the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

May 14, 2009: Chamber disagrees with the House's climate bill, it passed - but the Chamber called it a job killer.

July/August 2009: Chamber opposes Obama's health care proposal.

August 11, 2009: Chamber supported ads against health care begin airing in about 20 states.

October 2009: Obama slams the Chamber for not supporting part of the financial reform package.

November 2009: Another Chamber ad hits encouraging "free enterprise," which was taken a not so subtle hint to the White House they shouldn't over-regulate.

January 28, 2010: Chamber reacts to president Obama's State of the Union Address, Chamber President Tom Donohue tells the AP, that Obama's criticism of banks and big business were "ill-founded and a mistake."

January 2010: Chamber spends about $1 million backing Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts election to fill the late Ted Kennedy's seat.

July 2010: Chamber pens an open letter slamming the White House's economic plans. Then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett respond saying it was "rhetoric that fails to acknowledge the important steps this administration has taken every single day to meet our shared objectives."

September 2010: Chamber spends $500,000 to support Republican Rand Paul over rival Democrat Jack Conway in the Kentucky Senate race. The group also spends about $300,000 in New Hampshire against Democratic Senate candidate Paul Hodes and $250,000 in Colorado against Democratic Senator Michael Bennet.

October 7, 2010: During the height of the midterm elections, the Obama administration claims the Chamber was allegedly tied to foreign donors, an effort try to connect Republican-backers with corporate money and overseas interests.

Novebmer 17, 2010: Donohue vows to fight what he called a "regulatory tsunami" coming from the Obama administration and that they Chamber would form a group to take it on.

December 2010: The White House holds a jobs summit, but does not invite the Chamber.

January 6, 2011: Donohue releases a statement to Obama naming business-minded Bill Daley as his new chief of staff. "This is a strong appointment. Bill Daley is a man of stature and extraordinary experience in government, business, trade negotiations, and global affairs. He's an accomplished manager and strong leader. We look forward to working with him to accelerate our recovery, grow the economy, create jobs, and tackle America's global challenges."

February 2011: Obama and Donohue exchange open letters vowing to work on areas where they can agree.

February 7, 2011: Obama makes remarks at the Chamber.