The President likes going off campus for Burgers

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For the second time in a month, President Obama headed outside the White House to grab himself a good ole American burger which had reporters asking in Friday's White House briefing "can't he get a good burger in this building?"  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs assured reporters the cheeseburgers were "pretty good" at the White House mess but went on to explain that some days the President just likes to get out and misses the "ability to walk around."

The President arrived at a “Five Guys” location near Nationals Stadium and a huge scream let out from the people sitting outside on a very warm day in Washington. Customers immediately jumped out of their seats to shake hands with the Commander-in-Chief.

Once inside, Obama ordered himself a cheeseburger with mustard and jalapenos and then ordered a number of burgers for a number of staffers. 

The President then walked around the small restaurant saying hello to customers, snacking on peanuts and chatting with a woman and her two year old daughter.

Once the food was ready, the President paid in cash, took his two big paper bags of food and headed back to the motorcade.