Donald Trump was the surprise speaker at CPAC in Washington Thursday, and the billionaire real estate developer and entrepreneur wasted no time leaving an impression. The reality TV host told the crowd he was considering a run for the GOP 2012 presidential nomination and would decide by June.

"The U.S. is becoming the laughingstock of the world," said Trump. "They view our leaders as weak and ineffective."

Trump also went specifically after President Obama, "Our current president came out of nowhere... [He has] no track record... nothing to criticize."

'The Donald,' as he is called, was a last minute add to the schedule and the crowd gave him a rousing reception. "Considering the shape the U.S. is in right now, we need a competitive person, a highly competent person, or we're going to have very serious problems, very soon."

But the highlight of Trump's speech may have been when he took on the large and loud group of Ron Paul supporters in the hall. "By the way, Ron Paul cannot get elected. I'm sorry folks," Trump said as Paul supporters jeered. "I like Ron Paul... but he has zero chance of getting elected."

Trump also made a point of getting on the record with some of his conservative political positions. "I'm pro-life and I will fight to end Obamacare and replace it."

Trump was also a huge attraction for the media and was constantly trailed by a cabal of reporters and cameras from the moment he walked in the door.