The coming campus revolution


We may be seeing the beginnings of a full-blown campus revolution. Not a revolution based on actual oppression, but a revolution stemming from perceived oppression and a desire to attain victimhood status.

The seeds of the revolution sprouted in full force this week, with protests at Yale and the University of Missouri. At Mizzou, students began protesting alleged incidents of racism. In addition to whatever true allegations there might be, false ones have contributed to the mass hysteria, as when Mizzou's student president was forced to retract a Facebook post informing students that the Ku Klux Klan was on campus.

The questionable accusations led to the university's president and chancellor resigning. Their crimes? Not showing sufficient faith in allegations that might or might not be true. Also for not making a bigger deal out of the shooting death of Michael Brown, which occurred last August and two hours away in Ferguson.

The situation has become so bad that it appears a popular professor has resigned after coming under fire because he failed to cancel an exam amid the hysteria.