Tea Party Group Calls Out John Boehner

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"Charlie Sheen is now making more sense than John Boehner." At least that's what Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips says, and he doesn't mean it as a compliment.

The Tea Party Nation called out Speaker Boehner because the federal budget the House passed cut $61 billion, instead of the $100 billion they wanted. Their anger was amplified when Boehner hailed that budget's passage through the House as a success.

"If this is the best John Boehner can do and John Boehner is the only hope we have right now, then we are sunk," Phillips writes. "By the time we can replace Obama as president, in 2013, we will be trillions of dollars of more into debt and may hit the point of economic collapse."

This group is so discouraged with the Speaker of the House, they think someone else would be better suited for his job. So, defeating Boehner in the 2012 Ohio primary is now a priority for the Tea Party Nation. "The Tea Party movement should find a candidate to run against John Boehner in 2012 and should set as a goal, to defeat in a primary, the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives," Phillips writes in a piece called "The honeymoon is over: It is time to primary John Boehner," posted on the Tea Party Nation Forum.

After calling for a Republican challenger, and listing his group's grievances with the Speaker, Phillips concludes his letter with a simple but direct insult for Boehner. "You look like a fool."

Speaker Boehner's office has not yet commented publicly about this criticism.