Don't look to the Tea Party for clarity on who should become the GOP presidential nominee-- and whether or not the Tea Party will support any Republican nominee-- including former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

It all depends on which of the major Tea Party groups you ask.

Mark Meckler, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots-- the largest of the three major Tea Party groups-- tells Fox News that "the Tea Party doesn't speak with one voice."

Meckler wants to make sure recent comments from Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer aren't mistaken for the voice of all Tea Partiers.

Kremer told Fox News the Tea Party would support any candidate opposed to President Barack Obama.

But Meckler rejects that assertion, saying, "it's premature to say whether anyone would support him [Romney] if he were the nominee, and anyone who says that Tea Partiers would support him is certainly not speaking for the movement at large."

"What you're seeing here is a fundamental difference between the two groups," Meckler says of the differing Tea Party factions.

Meckler says Tea Partiers are still making up their minds, and haven't yet thrown their support behind a candidate.

"If you talk to folks in the grassroots - and we do, we talk to thousands every week," Meckler says, "they are focused on making a conscious decision, an adult decision, about who the nominee will be."

"I don't think we can rule out a third party run," Meckler adds.

Kremer disagrees, telling Fox News, "there is no way we are going to support a third party candidate. It would split the vote and it would guarantee reelection for Obama, and we need to crush Obama."

There is some agreement from the two groups-- on the movements lasting power and its neutrality in determining the GOP nominee.

Both Tea Party leaders say not to look for a name they're supporting. As Kremer said of the Tea Party Express, Meckler said the Tea Party Patriots "does not endorse candidates."

They are also both adamant that Tea Party support is necessary to win the GOP nomination.