Tale of the Trail: Is Obama the Next Lincoln?

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President-elect Barack Obama has ambitiously invited comparisons to Abraham Lincoln, the only other Illinois politician to ascend to the White House,

Obama launched his presidential bid two years ago from Springfield, the state capital where Lincoln served eight years in the Illinois Legislature. Ever since, the president-elect has quoted and referenced Lincoln in speeches and interviews and he continues to stir the pot with the announcement that he will be the first president sworn in using the same Bible Lincoln did to take the oath of office.

But besides the Illinois roots and the skinny frames they share, how similar is Obama to Lincoln? Here's a list of comparisons:

Stat                                   Lincoln                                              Obama

Birthplace                          Hodgenville, Ky.                               Honoululu, Hawaii

Height:                               6'4"                                                  6'1.5"

Pre-Election Speech:         Cooper Union Address                     Berlin Speech

Inauguration year:              1861, 16th president                         2009, 44th president

Route to Washington:        Amtrak from Philly to D.C.                Same

Taking Oath on:                Oxford University Press Bible            Lincoln's Bible

Justice Delivering Oath:     Roger B. Taney                                 John Roberts Jr.

Previous office held:          Illinois House of Representatives        Illinois state Senate

1834-1842                                        1997-2004

U.S. House of Representatives           U.S. Senate

1847-1849                                        2005-2009

Primary challenge:               Abolishing slavery                              Restoring U.S. economy