California congressman and 2020 Democratic candidate Eric Swalwell has been the subject of mockery on Wednesday for invoking both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in a tweet attacking President Trump’s recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last week, Trump told the press that he and Putin had discussed several topics, including the Mueller report, which he has repeatedly dubbed the “Russian hoax,” but that Russian meddling in U.S. elections was not part of the conversation.

Swalwell turned to Twitter. There, he likened Trump's Putin call with FDR chatting up the emperor of Japan or George W. Bush calling Usama bin Laden.

“Remember that time Pearl Harbor was bombed and FDR called the Emperor of Japan? Or the time the Twin Towers were stuck and Bush ringed Osama Bin Laden? No? I don’t either.” Swalwell tweeted. “So why’d @realDonaldTrump call Putin after the Mueller Report was released? #CommanderInCheat”


Many slammed Swalwell's tweet, including conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who called it "one of the stupidest comparisons in the history of comparisons."

Swalwell is one of 22 candidates who have so far declared their intent to run in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. He is currently averaging less than 1 percent in national polls, according to Real Clear Politics.