Susana Martinez Renews Fight to Repeal New Mexico Driver's License Law

Gov. Susana Martínez says she is as determined as ever to fight for the repeal of a New Mexico law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

Martínez told reporters on Wednesday that she would consider signing any legislation that makes it tougher for foreign nationals living in the country illegally to obtain state licenses but remained focused on repeal.

The Republican told the Albuquerque Journal this week that she would consider legislation that creates a driver's permit for undocumented immigrants that couldn't be used as identification.

Martínez made her latest comments at an Albuquerque press conference as she unveiled a new system that will allow New Mexico residents to renew driver's licenses online rather than forcing them to renew at crowded Motor Vehicle Division offices.

Under New Mexico law, undocumented immigrants may obtain state driver's licenses. Martínez campaigned on a vow to repeal it.

Martínez has characterized her opposition to licensing of undocumented drivers as a security issue.

She maintained that state law has attracted the attention of people who come to New Mexico from other states and even other countries with the sole intention of obtaining a driver's license.

Martínez has said that about 35 percent of inquiries by people wanting to make an appointment to obtain a driver's license come from outside the state.

This is based on a story by The Associated Press.

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