Supreme Court same-sex marriage plaintiff endorses Clinton


The plaintiff behind the Supreme Court case that legalized gay marriage this summer, James Obergefell, endorsed Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday.

"Hillary is a proven leader who will not only ensure that states are implementing marriage equality, but will work to end discrimination in our community whether it's by passing the Equality Act or through state measures," Obergefell said in a statement. "I refuse to let Republicans undo the progress that we've made, and that is why we need Hillary Clinton in the White House because she will be by our side as we break down barriers and finally reach full equality for all."

Obergefell, a Cincinnati resident, made a case to be acknowledged as a surviving spouse in the wake of his husband's 2013 death. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor, and for legal same-sex marriage, in June 2015. Since his case's success, Obergefell has become a symbol for the movement.