Study highlights why disabled can't find work

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2014 unemployment rate was 5.9 percent. But for people with disabilities it was more than double that, at 12.5 percent.

A recent study highlights one reason why many people with disabilities have trouble finding work. Researchers at Syracuse and Rutgers Universities found that employers were significantly less likely to express interest in job applicants with disabilities than in those without disabilities.

In a National Bureau of Economic Research paper titled "The Disability Employment Puzzle: Field Experiment on Employer Hiring Behavior," researchers sent cover letters and resumes by fictitious applicants to thousands of accounting firms.

They discovered that employers expressed interest in candidates who disclosed disabilities 26 percent less often than candidates without disabilities. The researchers said they weren't surprised that employers were less likely to be interested in applicants with disabilities. But they were surprised by how large the effect was.