Staffers at DC restaurant where Cruz was confronted get death threats: owner

The owner of a Washington, D.C. restaurant where Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife were heckled by a group of protesters earlier this week, said staffers have received “life-threatening” messages in the wake of the incident.

“Personally, I am blessed to work with the staff who have handled the harassment and life-threatening messages we and our families have received in the wake of the event,” Fabio Trabocchi, the owner, said in a statement on Wednesday posted to Twitter. “They have shown remarkable grit and calm, It is scary to hear anger directed at you and those you love --  I am lucky to work with brave people who respect our work.”

Cruz and his wife were dining at Fiola on Monday when a group appeared to chastise the Senator over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing multiple sexual assault allegations. Two one-minute video clips were posted to the Twitter page of a group called “Smash Racism DC,” where protesters could be heard chanting, “We believe survivors!”

An activist shouted can be hear shouting “Sexist, racist, anti-gay!” while a woman quizzed the Texas GOP senator whether he believes the women making the allegations against Kavanaugh. The federal judge has denied all allegations made against him.

The couple was escorted out of the restaurant through a side entrance, before being brought back in later through the kitchen after to enjoy the rest of their meal, according to the statement.

While Trabocchi noted he is not in the business of “hospitality” or “public safety,” the restaurant owner said he has implemented additional safety measures to “ensure the ongoing and future privacy, safety and security for our staff and guests.”

“We did our best Monday night to show DC what it means to live, love and work in a city where all voices are welcome – and quite necessary – to make a republic work,” the statement read. “It takes everyone, Just like any family. It requires respect, listening, and sometimes a little etiquette, like keeping your elbows and politics off the dinner table.”

Fox News’ Bradford Betz and Lukas Lukas Mikelionis contributed to this report.