Spitzer should be arrested for threatening me, says NYC man who alleges threat

New York City detectives are looking into a man’s claim that disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer threatened to stab him in the crotch during an irate interaction in a restaurant, police said Sunday.

Jamie Antolini filed a complaint on Friday regarding an argument earlier in the month, authorities said.

“I felt very threatened,” Antolini, 48, told The New York Post. “It’s not acceptable for anybody — I mean, who says things like that? The people I was with are still in shock.”

Antolini said he was having dinner Jan. 2 when Spitzer went into the Manhattan restaurant and became angry at hearing Antolini loudly praise someone Spitzer had publicly fought with during his years in the public sector.

Police said Antolini accused Spitzer of threatening him with bodily harm, including stabbing him with a knife, and making statements that he would kill him.

“I’m going to stab you in the c–k with a f-----g knife!” Spitzer, 58, allegedly screamed at one point.

Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden said that there was an argument started by a restaurant patron and that Spitzer initially ignored his remarks. She said at no time did Spitzer make any threats.

Spitzer, a Democrat, resigned in 2008 amid revelations that he had sex with prostitutes. Before being governor, he had been the state attorney general.

The Associated Press contributed to this report