Spicer accidentally tweets that Trump is the new HUD secretary

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accidentally gave President Trump a new job briefly Thursday, when his official Twitter account accidentally tweeted that the Senate had confirmed Trump as the next secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Senate had actually confirmed Dr. Ben Carson for the role, approving Trump’s nomination of Carson in a 58-41 vote.

However, Spicer’s official @PressSec account tweeted: “The Senate has confirmed @realDonaldTrump as the next Secretary of @HUDgov”

Secretary Carson need not be troubled, however as the tweet was quickly deleted and a correct tweet was sent out in its place, but not before reporters grabbed a screenshot.

It isn't the first problem Spicer has had with the social media platform. In January, Spicer sent out two garbled tweets -- one saying "n9y25ah7" and the other saying "Aqenbpuu" -- leading some to speculate he had either pocket-tweeted, or had accidentally tweeted out passwords.