Spanish-language Clinton ad celebrates her helping an undocumented migrant

Hillary Clinton released her first Spanish-language television ad Thursday aimed at Latino voters in New York, the next state to hold a primary.

The ad features Dominican immigrant Dan-el Padilla Peralta, who talks about his hardscrabble life growing up poor and homeless in East Harlem, and how he found his way out of that world through education. He did so well that he attended college at some of the world’s most prestigious schools, including Princeton and Oxford.

But Padilla Peralta, whose family came to the U.S. on a visa and overstayed, ran into obstacles because of his undocumented status. Among them was the inability to return to the country after studying at Oxford. And that, he says in the ad, is where Clinton saved the day, helping him obtain the visa to return.

The ad is called “Life requires risks.”

"Hillary Clinton fought for an undocumented Dominican kid and helped me secure a visa to come back. And that's Hillary Clinton," Padilla Peralta says in the ad.

The ad is just one of a variety of ways candidates from both parties are reaching out to Latinos, a significant part of the New York electorate.

Clinton released her first Spanish-language TV ad earlier in the year, before the Nevada caucus.

It contrasted her support for comprehensive immigration reform with the positions on the issue of the GOP candidates, who have called for stricter border enforcement and, in the case of her fellow-New Yorker Donald Trump, mass deportation and a huge wall.

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