Sorry, Not Sorry: New York Times tells Trump it did not apologize for coverage

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that The New York Times “apologized” to its readers for its election coverage, but the paper said it did no such thing.

Trump was likely referring to the November letter from the paper’s embattled publisher, Arthur O. Sulzberger that was released shortly after the election. Sulzberger promised readers that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage and rededicate itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.

Trump sent out the tweet Wednesday and The Times’ communication team tweeted back and called his tweet incorrect.

".@realdonaldtrump False, we did not apologize. We stand by our coverage & thank our millions of subscribers for supporting our journalism," the tweet read.

New York Post columnist and former Times reporter Michael Goodwin wrote at the time that the Sulzberger likely issued the statement, "because it [The Times] demonized Trump from start to finish, it failed to realize he was onto something. And because the paper decided that Trump’s supporters were a rabble of racist rednecks and homophobes, it didn’t have a clue about what was happening in the lives of the Americans who elected the new president."

Trump has been critical of The Times in the past. Earlier this year, a Times reporter had to apologize for calling First Lady Melania Trump “a hooker.”