She had a truck before Scott Brown?

Sometimes politics is a very serious business. Then other times, mails like this come around that make you giggle.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-AR, is in a very tough race for a 3rd term in the Senate, and no doubt she has got to be worried as Dem Congressman from that state are dropping off like flies -- another retirement announced today!

But  -- I just got this from her campaign - see below.  Could she be trying to capture that Massachusetts Sen-elect Scott Brown magic??

Dear Trish Turner,

"When Blanche first ran for Congress, there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace or Flickr. All she had was a pick-up truck, some yard signs and flyers. Times sure have changed.

"As the campaign is swinging into full gear, I wanted to make sure you're plugged in to our online community.

"Last year Blanche got her own Facebook page so she could share her latest news, photos, videos and stay in touch with her supporters. And she's gotten pretty good at updating it regularly."

In her defense, she really is pretty down-to-Earth.  She grew up on a farm and talks about shopping at K-mart for her twin boys.

And afterall, the chairwoman of the Agriculture Cmte should hardly be a stranger to pick-up truck, right?

But -- the timing....oh - the timing.