Senior Clinton aide Abedin delayed disclosing finances at State Dept.

Huma Abedin, former deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, faced a delay in obtaining a controversial employment status that allowed her to work for the Clinton Foundation and a Clinton-linked consulting firm after she and her husband failed to provide details of their financial holdings.

Abedin's husband is former Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. The consulting firm is Teneo Strategies.

Internal emails from State Department officials indicate Abedin had yet to provide information about her family's finances days after she was supposed to transition into her new role as a "special government employee" in June 2012.

One State Department official expressed concern that Abedin had omitted information about her family's income sources off a form that was to be published online.

The documents, which were obtained by the conservative nonprofit Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act, included a copy of a financial disclosure form filed by Weiner and Abedin's security clearance form. The latter indicated the State Department renewed Abedin's "top secret" clearance before she was granted her special employee status, despite the fact that she would now be receiving income from two private organizations that worked directly or indirectly with the agency under Clinton.