Senator Baucus' Complaint about Medicare Advantage Cuts Raises Eyebrows

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On the floor Wednesday, Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) complained that the Republican budget cuts will cut Medicare Advantage programs. It's a remarkable claim to make since the president's health care law would cut the program several times as much, yet was supported by Democrats who voiced little or no concern about Medicare Advantage at the time.

The Senate Finance Committee Chair made a plea to all senators: "Please don't cut Medicare Advantage payments. That is just not the right thing to do. Innocent seniors are getting caught in this crossfire." He went on to call the program cut "foolhardy."

This is one of the most bizarre arguments so far in this debate inasmuch that the new health care law would cut Medicare Advantage by more than 200 billion when all is said and done, which is far more alone than the entire 61 billion in cuts Republicans are proposing.

Democrats have made many arguments against the budget cuts but in this case, they're complaining it would do something the health care bill they voted for would do in spades. A very odd argument.