The Republican rout on Election Day didn’t only shake up Capitol Hill, it has caused a realignment on K Street. Republicans -- current staffers, former members, and especially anyone with ties to the incoming majority leader and chairmen of powerful committees -- are now in high demand.

Republican firms are hiring new staff and picking up new clients while liberal and bipartisan firms beef up their Republican bench. All in all, it’s a “robust, effervescent job market for Republicans,” in the words of Sam Geduldig, partner in the GOP firm Clark, Geduldig, Cranford & Nielsen.

The luckiest group may be the crowd surrounding the presumptive new Senate majority leader.

“Mitch McConnell and the other leadership have a large following” on K Street already, points out Ivan Adler, a lobbyist headhunter at the McCormick Group, “and those folks will certainly be the biggest winners.”

If you’re a Republican lobbyist with a close tie to McConnell or to the incoming chairmen of the “money committees” -- Finance, Banking, Commerce, and Appropriations -- your value has just gone up.

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