Sen. Orrin Hatch mocks Google for proclaiming him dead, provides extensive evidence he is alive

Rumors of Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch’s demise are greatly exaggerated -- and he’s proving it with bacon.

The mischievous lawmaker, whose Twitter feed is regularly filled with jabs, memes and general tomfoolery, mocked Google after he found that his search biography showed he died on Sept. 11, 2017.

Such fact boxes are automatically populated from a variety of sources, and so it was not a manual change by a Google employee. But the GOP senator had some questions, as he tweeted a screenshot of the erroneous information.

“Hi…@Google? We might need to talk,” he tweeted.

While the 84-year-old is retiring at the end of his term, he is still very much alive and kicking. So he decided to prove it, by showing himself engaging in a number of activities. 

“Here is Senator Hatch reading a newspaper earlier,” read the first tweet, accompanied by an image that showed exactly that.

And it went on.

“Here is Senator Hatch giving Chancellor Merkel a gift and telling her she is terrific earlier this month on 7/6,” another read.

“Senator Hatch making an important state visit to Chuck A Rama in May,” read another.

The tweets also showed him visiting a war memorial, preparing to meet Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and signing bills.

Finally, just to put the nail in the coffin of the fake death notice, he tweeted out a picture of his 84th birthday bash in March, nearly six months after Google had him down as pushing up daisies. The theme for that celebration was bacon.

Hatch's bio has since been fixed.

The account also issued a slight humble-brag, noting that in the period Hatch was deemed dead, he advanced three bills.

“Even in death, Hatch remains one of the Senate’s most prolific legislators,” his office said.