Sen. Cruz: It's getting harder for Democrats to support ObamaCare

Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Wednesday that it is becoming “harder and harder for Democrats to defend” ObamaCare as the problems plaguing the health law's sign-up website persist.

Cruz, R-Texas, said on “On the Record” that as Americans begin to see the law is “not working,” there have been few Democrats that have stepped in to defend the substance of the health care overhaul.

“I think we’re seeing momentum and I think it’s ironic all the people that just a few weeks ago were saying ‘There’s no way you can win this fight, there’s no way we can do anything to stop ObamaCare’ and they also said ‘There’s no way any D’s are going to flip,’” Cruz said. “We’re starting to see Democrats flip as this thing – it’s a train wreck and it’s not working and in any political fight, when the truth is on your side, you’re in a good situation and here the truth is this thing isn’t working.”

Cruz said that ObamaCare has bigger problems beyond the glitches plaguing the website.

“You’ve got the disasters with the website but more broadly you’ve got the impacts that are happening with jobs – it’s the biggest job killer in the country, it’s forcing people into part-time work,” Cruz said.