Scott Brown Gets Committees

An ever popular topic – what Scott Brown is up to…

Fox has learned that the newest senator has been given the following fairly plum committee assignments:

Armed Services

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Veterans Affairs

Remember --- Brown, a former JAG officer in the Army National Guard, told reporters he wanted Armed Services, in particular. That committee’s top Republican, John McCain, R-AZ, is now something of a mentor for Brown. McCain had lobbied for Brown to join the committee.

And this weekend, Friday and Saturday, the freshman star who captured the attention of the nation when he secured a seat long held by the late  Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Democrat, thereby depriving Dems of their 60-vote filibuster-proof majority, will stump for McCain in Arizona -- events in Phoenix (Friday) and Tucson (Saturday).

The Homeland Security Cmte has a McCain ally, as well, and someone who often pairs with the Arizonan on military and other national security measures – Cmte Chairman Joe Lieberman, D-CT.

This and the Vets Affairs Cmte ought to allow Brown to blend his experience as a lawyer and a soldier.

One can already imagine Brown becoming a member of what many around the Senate jokingly refer to as the Three Musketeers (is there a famous 4-some?) --- McCain, Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham, R-SC.   Graham is also a fellow JAG (he still serves as one each year on stints in Iraq).

A ready-made clique for Brown?