Ryan Promises ‘No Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ Under Obama

Rep. Paul Ryan promised Rep. Mo Brooks that as speaker he willnot bring to the House floor immigration legislation that is notsupported by a majority of Republicans, and that “there willbe no comprehensive immigration reform under thispresident.”

National Review reports that Ryan affirmedthose stances by approving of a letter drafted by Brooks.

The letter sought to put on paper promises that Ryan made duringa closed-door meeting with the House Freedom Caucus last week.

During that meeting, Ryan said, “It is unwise orunproductive to bring up any immigration legislation so long asBarack Obama is President.”

Furthermore, Ryan claimed that he would never bring animmigration to the floor unless it is “supported by amajority” of Republican members.

In the letter, Brooks makes the following requestof Ryan: “If my portrayal of your words errs inany respect, please deliver to me … a written communicationcorrecting my errors,” but he told NationalReview that “Ryan called his office during a staff meetingless than two hours later, confirming the accuracy of hispromises.”

Ryan told National Review that he has“long and publicly been opposed to the gang of eight bill,and there will be no comprehensive immigration reform under thispresident.”

Read the letter from Brooks:

Paul Ryan ImmigrationCommitments Letter, Annotated

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