Russian Newscaster Reportedly Gives Obama the Middle Finger

A popular Russian newscaster has reportedly caused a stir following a live newscast in which she apparently gave President Obama the middle finger.

The Telegraph reports that online footage of the incident, which occurred earlier this month during an afternoon broadcast on the privately-held REN TV channel, is being "avidly viewed" in both Russia and the United States.

Award-winning senior newsreader Tatyana Limanova can be seen in the footage reading an item about Russian President Dmitry Medvedev recently assuming chairmanship of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, the Telegraph reports. Obama just hosted the APEC annual summit in Hawaii less than two weeks ago.

She then said the post "has previously been held by Barack Obama" before unambiguously raising her left arm and displaying her raised middle finger, the newspaper reports.

The channel, which reaches an estimated 120 million people in Russia, has reportedly declined comment.

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