Rubio warns of Clinton 'sequel' to Obama's 'disastrous' foreign policy

In a Thursday speech, Sen. Marco Rubio proposed a plan to modernize the United States military while taking shots at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the process.

Rubio, who spoke at Granite State Manufacturing in New Hampshire, panned a potential Clinton presidency as a "sequel" to Obama's, saying it will be a continuation of "weakness" and "retreat" in the White House.

The Florida senator talked extensively about the modernization of various aspects of American defense, including doing away with the cuts put into place by sequestration and beefing up the military, advancing cybersecurity technology and in missile defense.

"We have today leaders at the highest levels of our government who believe that the world would be better off with a weaker, less engaged America," Rubio said. "Leaders who make national security decisions based on politics rather than on strategy; and leaders who fail to recognize that in today's global economy, foreign policy and domestic policy are truly and increasingly inseparable."