Rubio to release credit card records 'in the next few weeks'

Marco Rubio is set to release personal credit card and spending records that have not been made public yet, in an effort to put to rest criticism that he abused a charge card given to him by the Republican Party of Florida.

In a question and answer session with reporters in New Hampshire, Rubio said that he will be releasing the new information "in the next few weeks" to put the issue to rest.

"It's been coming up for five years," Rubio said about issues with the card, which also emerged during his U.S. Senate run in 2010. "It wasn't a credit card, it was a charge card. It was American Express. And every month I would get a bill in my home, and I would review it. And if it was something on it that was personal, I would pay it. And if it wasn't, the party paid it."

Rubio's move comes as GOP rival Donald Trump continues to hit him over his finances, and has called the Florida senator "a disaster with his credit cards" on Tuesday.