Rubio Says He Would Turn Down Vice Presidential Slot

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is a rising star in the Republican party and is often mentioned as a potential Vice Presidential nominee, however Rubio is doing his best to send the message to the 2012 GOP presidential field that he is not interested.

On Wednesday in the nation's capitol, while speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum, Rubio was asked if he would turn down a chance at running as a Vice Presidential nominee in 2012. "I believe so," said Rubio. "I'm not going to be the Vice Presidential nominee...I'm focused on my job right now... The answer is going to be no."

Rubio emphasized the importance of his job in the US Senate. "Throughout the history of American policy and American policymaking, the US Senate has provided the genesis for some of the greatest things that this country has ever done."

This is not the first time Rubio has sought to tone down the vice presidential storyline. While visiting the Reagan Library in August the Senator said, "I have no interest in serving as vice president for anyone who could possibly live all eight years of the presidency," to laughter from the Republican audience.

However, today's comments seemed much more earnest, with the Senator saying, "let me not [leave the impression] he left the door open."