Romney Gets Specific on Tax Plan

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has been hit hard by the Obama campaign for not revealing the specifics of his tax plan, but now the candidate is cutting into that narrative-- if only a smidge.

In order to achieve an across-the-board twenty percent cut in the tax rate and remain deficit neutral, Romney says, "As an option you could say everybody's going to get up to a $17,000 deduction; and you could use your charitable deduction, your home mortgage deduction, or others - your healthcare deduction, and you can fill that bucket, if you will, that $17,000 bucket that way."

He laid out the details in an interview with Fox's Denver affiliate KDVR, adding, "[H]igher income people might have a lower number."

Though the candidate didn't definitively embrace this particular option, he may have opened the door to a wider conversation tonight when he faces President Obama in the first presidential debate.