Reporters Notebook: Gibbs Daily Briefing

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs briefs the press corps:

Gibbs: Obama meeting with Dalai Lama later this month at the White House despite Chinese objections

Gibbs: Obama still involved in health care negotiations

Gibbs: Obama meeting this afternoon with House and Senate Democrats will focus on job creation, energy legislation, financial regulatory reform and health care

Gibbs: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood misspoke yesterday when he said that people with Toyotas shouldn't drive them.

Gibbs: Friday jobs report likely to show more job losses than expected.

Gibbs: It's our strong hope that Republicans would participate in a debt commission.

Gibbs: Senator Kit bond owes an apology to law enforcement for alleging he was told not to disclose information about the Nigerian man who attempted to blow up the Christmas day flight en route to Detroit