An attendee at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner ignited a social media firestorm after video showed her texting during the national anthem.

The video captured the woman furiously texting on her smartphone while the band plays “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the event's opening ceremony. Around her, other people stand solemnly at attention with hands over their hearts.

“At #whcd disgusting disrespect for flag and anthem,” Greg Cardone tweeted, according to BizPacReview.com.

“@grantcardone @instapundit *sigh* That's disturbing. Well, I'm glad some folks in that photo are being respectful,” David Reedy tweeted.

The woman identified herself as Helena Andrews, a gossip columnist for the Washington Post.

“Apparently someone saw me on TV "texting" during the dinner. FTR I was taking notes. On my phone. Because it's 2015. #WHCD,” she tweeted in response, according to BizPac.

Her tweet created even more of a furor.

“@helen_andrews Have respect and wait 3 minutes to take 'notes'. People died for you,” one woman tweeted.

“@helena_andrews We're all well aware of the year. Respect for the National Anthem is timeless,” Pam Seiler tweeted.

“@helena_andrews as if that is any more excusable than texting?  Were you writing down the words of the song before you forgot them? Come on,” Christopher Smith tweeted.