Report: Less than 1 percent of all Obama regs tested for costs

The Obama administration has been on a regulation binge this year, approving more than 3,000 rules so far at a pace that is threatening to set a record of Federal Register pages needed to explain them.

The red tape pushed this year mimics its record in 2010, when the administration was in its second year and firmly in its regulation groove. That year, the Federal Register printed 81,405 pages. This year it is set to nearly reach, and potentially beat, that number, according to the group that charts regs, the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

"Currently at 72,897 pages, the 2015 Federal Register is on pace for 81,359 pages. This threatens the all-time record set in 2010, with 81,405 pages," said the group.

CEI fellow Ryan Young said the costs so far of just the major regulations are up to $4.88 billion with a month to go.

Business groups have raged about Obama red tape, but the administration isn't letting up on the gas as it enters the last year in office. Especially worried are energy and medical businesses as the administration piles on new environmental and Obamacare rules.