A Democratic congresswoman has introduced legislation to bar members of Congress from using taxpayer dollars for first-class airline tickets.

Florida Rep. Gwen Graham, a freshman lawmaker, introduced the bill on Tuesday, describing it as a "commonsense idea" that should garner bipartisan support.

The legislation has one listed co-sponsor in the House, Republican Rep. Rod Blum of Iowa.

"Nine months ago, I pledged if elected I would work to end wasteful Congressional perks. Today, I'm following through on that promise," Graham said in a statement, referring to a campaign pledge to reject so-called congressional luxuries in Washington.

"It's a commonsense idea that Republicans and Democrats can both agree on: members of Congress shouldn't be able to charge taxpayers for first-class airfare or long-term personal car leases." (The bill also would bar taxpayer money from being used for such car leases.)

The Congressional Travel Perks Elimination Act is the freshman congresswoman's second piece of legislation. But she says it's the first in a string of anti-perk bills she plans to introduce.

Blum said in a statement that this is "not a partisan issue."

"America's founders never intended for public servants to live a life of luxury paid for by everyday Americans," he said.