The mayor of Reno, Nev., reportedly apologized after the American flag was replaced atop city hall with an LGBT flag.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Mayor Hillary Schieve had asked that the rainbow pride flag be hung at city hall during gay pride events over the weekend.

But in the process of flying that flag, the city took down the American flag. The mayor maintains that was never her intent.

“I can most certainly see why people would be offended or upset," she said in a statement. "I did not order that the American flag be taken down. I have asked that the flag be put up immediately.”

Schieve said she took full responsibility for the mishap. According to the Gazette-Journal, Reno celebrated the Northern Nevada PRIDE Festival on Saturday.

“I thought it [the pride flag] would hang at the front door of city hall,” she told the Gazette-Journal. She added in the statement: “It was certainly not the city’s intention to be disrespectful, and it should have never happened.”