There are two plans floating between the House and Senate this weekend, but Republican Senator Rand Paul says he won't support either one of them.

"I can't support any plan that doesn't eventually balance," said Paul of the plan offered by House Speaker John Boehner. "They are talking about seven or eight trillion dollars of new debt. And I don't think the country can withstand that," he added.

Paul, R-KY, backed the Cut, Cap & Balance Plan that stalled in the Senate last week. And now, the Freshman Senator says he is looking for more than just a short term plan.

"I care more about our country's future than I do about a deal. This town is all about deals. I want a solution to the nation's problem," he said.

Paul does think that a deal will get passed that raises the debt ceiling before the August 2nd deadline. But, Paul add if that doesn't happen " the president needs to come before the country and say that he will not default on the debt, and that he actually has a constitutional obligation to pay for it."

"It's an artificial deadline in the sense that there's no reason for us ever to default on our debt we've got plenty of tax revenue to pay the interest on our debt," Paul explained.