Radio ads hit Iowa: 'Politicians like Ted Cruz are the worst kind'

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Ted Cruz is under attack. The Texas senator's rise in Iowa presidential surveys has attracted criticism from all sides.

America's Renewable Future, a bipartisan political group with the support of ethanol and agricultural industry workers, unleashed new digital and radio ads attacking Cruz in Iowa. The senator's opposition to ethanol mandates has drawn the ire of ARF, whose ads claim that Cruz's policy proposals "threaten rural Iowa and thousands of jobs."

"Politicians like Ted Cruz are the worst kind: Hypocrites," the ad says. "There are millions of reasons Ted Cruz supports Big Oil instead of Iowa farmers. Call politician Ted Cruz. Tell him to stop being a hypocrite and support Iowa jobs."

Cruz opposes the Renewable Fuel Standard, which determines the amount of ethanol and other renewable fuels that must be blended into gasoline. Annette Sweeney, a former Republican state representative and ARF co-chair, said Cruz has not been honest about his opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard.