White House press secretary Jen Psaki blamed the "underfunding" of some police forces for the spike in crime gripping America.

During the White House press briefing on Monday, Psaki was asked by Fox News’ Peter Doocy on what the Biden administration believes is fueling the crime surge that has stunned Americans.

Psaki pointed to "gun violence" as a "huge reason" for the uptick in crime as well as the "underfunding of some police departments and their need for additional resources."


The press secretary said that President Biden has "advocated" for additional resources for police "consistently" throughout his multi-decade political career and is something the White House knows "we need to take action on."


White House press secretary Jen Psaki speaks during a press briefing at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 5, 2022. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

"And it is absolutely true that he will not be satisfied or complacent when officers are being gunned down or when Americans have to worry about whether they can safely ride the subway or bus," Psaki said, again pointing to Biden’s pushing of police funding in his political career. "That should not be a political issue."

Doocy pointed out the national murder rate is about to hit its highest level in 25 years and asked why Americans don’t "see or hear more" from Biden on the issue, to which Psaki said Biden "has spoken to crime."

"But I think what people are most focused on, as they should be, are what actions he has taken," Psaki responded, pointing to several areas where the president has addressed police resources.

Joe Biden

The White House press secretary said Biden has "advocated" for additional resources for police "consistently" throughout his political career. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Several police departments across America saw their funding slashed as the far-left "defund the police" movement gained steam, after the 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Many prominent Democrats — including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan — were vocal proponents of the movement, pushing the idea on social media amid the protests.

Jason Rivera was killed in the line of duty in New York City last week. (NYPD)

The line of tough questions comes after a bloody weekend that saw several police officers across the nation shot, including 22-year-old NYPD Officer Jason Rivera, who was killed while responding to a domestic dispute call.


The Black Lives Matter chapter in Washington, D.C., recently expressed indignation that police officers who are shot in the line of duty are automatically treated as "heroes" after an officer was shot and wounded Sunday night in Northwest D.C.

As the scene was still unfolding, Black Lives Matter D.C. took the opportunity to promote its #StopMPD campaign and warn against the spread of "copaganda." 

"This is the point we’ve been making for months," the group tweeted Sunday night. "Look at the reaction and coverage tonight. Tear jerker press conferences and proclamations of heroes coming soon. Imagine if people knew these folks’ names. Being Black in DC is more dangerous than any job."

Fox News’ Jessica Chasmar contributed reporting.