Proposal to bring back "In God We Trust" on Georgia License Plates

On a typical Georgia license plate you'll see a pastoral image of green fields and peaches, but one thing you won't find is the motto "In God We Trust."

Sen. Bill Heath (R-GA) is trying to change this by filing a proposal Tuesday to make the phrase "In God We Trust" the default motto on all Georgia license plates, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Last spring, the state held a public contest to pick a new license plate design. The Revenue Department's website showed entries with the "In God We Trust" motto on it and did not make it clear the motto was not a permanent part of each design, so people were forced to re-vote.

Motorists can already purchase a sticker with the motto for $1 that can be placed over the county name decal that comes standard on each license plate, but Sen. Heath wants to reverse this order. He proposed for the motto to appear on all Georgia license plates after July 1st, leaving motorists with the option to cover the motto with a decal sticker if they wanted.

Tuesday was the first day state lawmakers could submit proposed laws and resolution in advance of next year's legislation session that begins January 9.