Pro-Kasich super PAC launches digital attack on Trump, readies new offensive in NH

A super PAC supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential bid has unleashed a new digital campaign attacking Donald Trump. The pro-Kasich super PAC also plans to air its first televised ad in New Hampshire that directly hits Trump on Monday.

New Day for America has aggressively attacked Trump, charging that he is an unserious candidate. Past ads from the super PAC have highlighted Trump's controversial comments about women, African-Americans and how Trump would date his own daughter if the father-daughter duo had no familial ties.

The digital campaign launched this week, dubbed "Put a 'Steak' in Trump," includes a video featuring Trump hawking "Trump Steaks" and an online video game resembling PAC-Man with Trump's face.

"Donald Trump thinks picking our next president is a game," said Matt David, New Day for America chief strategist, in a statement. "This is a guy who was hawking overpriced steaks on infomercials not long ago. Now he wants to be our commander in chief, leader of the free world? It's a scary joke, and the only one laughing is Hillary Clinton — all the way to the White House."