Pro-Kasich super PAC: Clinton supporters stole our slogan

A super PAC supporting John Kasich's presidential campaign claims another super PAC affiliated with Hillary Clinton stole their lines.

New Day for America claims that Priorities USA took the slogan "John Kasich's For Us" and repurposed it for their own political gain in a new ad that ends with text reading, "Hillary Clinton. Strong. For Us."

"It's really flattering that they're stealing our material but considering all the money they've taken from liberal special interest groups, you'd think Hillary Clinton's super PAC could afford to pay someone to come up with some lines of their own," said Matt Carle, executive director of New Day for America, in a statement. "I guess, just like the candidate they support, they've got no new ideas and have resorted to simply trying to make Hillary out to be someone she's not — a candidate who won't relish in dividing America."

Priorities USA communications director Justin Barasky responded to the allegation with the following statement:

"Wait, who's John Kasich?"