President’s Proposal Set to Hit the Web on Monday

The following was written by my colleague Julie Kirtz:

The big question, unanswered by the White House this weekend, is just what President Barack Obama's own health care proposal will look like.

The White House plans to post the President’s proposal on the White House website on Monday, in advance of Thursday’s health care summit with Republicans. In the words of one key administration official, Obama is expected to combine "the best parts" of the House and Senate bills.

But not even Obama’s Democratic allies know what that means for huge issues like abortion language and a government run health care plan, or so called “public option.”

In his Saturday address, the President called on Democrats and Republicans to keep an open mind. "I don't want to see this meeting turn into political theater with each side simply reciting talking points and trying to score political points,” he said. “Instead, I ask members of both parties to seek common ground."

With the bi-partisan summit set for Thursday, Obama is trying to breathe new life into health care reform -- not easy. Speaking for Republicans in their weekly address, Michigan Rep. Dave Camp said people just want the White House and congressional Democrats to scrap "their misguided government takeover of health care." Camp accused Democrats of writing the newest health care bill in secret. “For those families and small businesses looking for a sign that Washington is ready to wake up and find common sense on this issue, next week's White House health care summit may not be it," Camp said.

White house officials will post the President's own health care proposal on on Monday -- so get ready for some heavy-duty reading. It's going to be very long. It's not expected to be in legislative language; instead, aides say, it will serve more as the President's opening bid on health care.

The summit on Thursday between Republicans and Democrats will also go high-tech. It will also stream live on the White House website.