President Obama to Talk to DNC Chair Kaine About Possible Senate Run

A White House aide confirms that President Obama will talk with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine about his political future in the next day or two. They're expected to talk ahead of possible decision by Kaine to run for Virginia's Senate seat, which will be vacated in 2012 after Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., decided not to run for re-election.

If he chooses to run, the former Virginia governor would then likely face-off against former Republican Sen. George Allen, whose 2006 re-election campaign imploded after video surfaced on YouTube where he was making a racially disparaging remark.

Kaine was chosen specifically by Obama to head the DNC, which will be a key force in the president's own re-election bid in 2012.

The upcoming conversation was first reported by the told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.