Donald Trump, who has been rising in recent polls of 2012 Republican candidates, told a Tea Party rally in Boca Raton, Florida this afternoon, "You are my people. I love you guys."

While Trump says he has not decided if he will run for President in 2012, he said the country needs a leader who is a good negotiation, good at "making deals," including international deals, so that then the US has money to invest in infrastructure and other domestic needs.

He said, "If I decide to run and if I win, I will not be raising taxes but will be taking in billions of dollars from other countries, and will be creating a vast number of productive jobs.. and will rebuild our country."

Another possible 2012 GOP contender, Sarah Palin, addressed a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin today, and criticized President Obama for his federal spending, including the 2009 $787-billion stimulus legislation, which she suggested helped galvanize the Tea Party.

She told the crowd, "He's the inspiration for why it is that we're here today. That's right, the Tea Party wouldn't exist without Barack Obama."

President Obama has said that cutting spending is only part of the solution for the country's debt. He also says the wealthy - those who make over $250-thousand dollars - should pay more in taxes.

There are tax weekend Tea Party rallies all over the country including key primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. Other 2012 likely-to-run candidates have shown up to speak.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke at a Tea Party events in Iowa, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

And former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told a Tea Party crowd in Florida on Friday that "the last thing people need right now is more taxes. The right thing to do to get people to work is try to keep the [tax] burden - particularly on small businesses - down so that businesses have the capitol to hire more people and to grow."