Poll: People ready for body cameras on cops

Law enforcement practices around the country have come under scrutiny as more and more police shootings make the news, and a new poll shows a huge majority of people support a requirement that cops wear body cameras and other new steps.

According to a new online poll of roughly 880 American adults conducted by the Leadership Concurrence Education Fund and Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, 88 percent of those polled support body cameras on police officers.

The same poll also found that two-thirds, 67 percent, feel that body cameras on police would work to reduce police brutality.

The highest support for body cameras came from African-Americans, with 73 percent saying they "strongly supported" them, compared with 62 percent of people overall who said the same.

But simply putting body cameras on police to wear won't solve all the problems. Three-quarters of those asked say it is "very" or "extremely" important to establish policies regarding the use of the cameras and the footage they produce, such as who sees the footage, who edits the footage and when and how the footage gets released to the public.

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