Politicians Score with NFL Contributions

As the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints prepare to take the field for the NFL kickoff Thursday night, their contributions on the field will be closely scrutinized. However, rest assured their minds and pocketbooks have not been focused solely on football during the offseason.

A recent analysis of federal campaign finance records by the Center for Responsive Politics indicates both Vikings quarterback Brett Favre and Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma contributed $4,800 a piece during this campaign cycle.

Favre and Vilma weren't the only players reaching in their wallets as a heated midterm election approaches. New York Jets defensive end Jason Taylor donated $14,800, while Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones and defensive back Gibril Wilson contributed a combined total of $30,200.

Team executives and officials also contributed, with the Steelers well-known Rooney family donating nearly $153,000 to various political efforts.

The Center for Responsive Politics found Republicans enjoyed a slight edge over Democrats in total contributions associated with the NFL. Republicans collected approximately $456,769 while Democrats raked in $337,925.

As midterm elections approach the crucial fourth down, contributions will likely increase as the league's best become playmakers on and off the field.


AP/Brett Favre File Photo