Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence said Monday on "Special Report with Bret Baier" that the Trump campaign will continue to criticize Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" remark, while adding that voters have a "right to know" about candidates' medical records.

The Indiana governor said he and Donald Trump "wish her well” after the Democratic presidential nominee suffered a medical episode at a 9/11 memorial in New York Sunday. Her doctor later said she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and was being treated for dehydration.

"We’re praying for her swift recovery, (we) want to see her back out on the campaign trail," he said.

Pence told Baier that Trump had a physical on Friday, and he will release "all that information about his health and physical condition" soon.

"I think it's very appropriate our candidates make that information available," he said.

He later described Clinton's remarks at the Barbara Streisand fundraiser in New York as "shocking."

"For Hillary Clinton to literally say that millions of Americans are irredeemable, I think what you saw there in a prepared speech [was] the worst statement I have ever heard by a national candidate in my lifetime," Pence told Baier.

Pence responded to Clinton's accusations about Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin by saying that Trump is not endorsing the "small and bullying" Russian leader.

"Look, when Donald Trump and I said that the small and bullying president of Russia was a stronger leader on the world stage than this president and Secretary Clinton, that was not an endorsement of Vladimir Putin," Pence said. "That was an indictment of the weak and feckless leadership that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have practiced on the world stage."

Pence added that he and Trump "know what they're dealing with" with Putin, describing the leader harshly as a former KGB agent and authoritarian who has repressed the media, been associated with violence in his country and the invasions of Ukraine and Crimea.

"What you hear in Donald Trump is a man who is prepared to step onto the world stage as the leader of the free world and engage in diplomacy," he said.