Pence says meeting not an opportunity for a lofty speech

Notes from off camera gaggle with Indiana Rep. Mike Pence.
First and foremost, he declared that "This is not an opportunity for another lofty speech."
There will be brief remarks then most of the hour long meeting with the president there will be q and a. During that time Republicans "plan to present out better solutions."
Pence will be playing Phil Donohue. "I guess I have the hair for it" and he does not have a fixed list of people that he will call but he has some people in mind with specific areas of expertise that he will call on. He mentioned Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as someone he would call on for budget matters.
On President Obama's tax annoucement today:
The tax credit for hiring is essentially what Pres Jimmy Carter promoted "and it was an abject failure." Instead "we need across the board tax relief."