Pawlenty Supporters Send Debate Messages Through Social Media

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Tim Pawlenty supporters are turning to Facebook to send a clear message to the candidate before tonight's Fox News, Washington Examiner, Iowa GOP Presidential debate in Ames, Iowa: Get tough.

Based on the thread of posts on Pawlenty's official campaign Facebook page, his most loyal fans are hoping for a much stronger, more confident performance out of the two term Minnesota Governor at tonight's debate.

Ross Lehr, wrote, "Good Luck!! Be strong, confident.... When the time comes don't back down from anyone or any question. You really have the message Tim.... but them are tough. Go get 'em tonight!" Pawlenty Facebook fan, Adam Cook, wrote, "keep up the good work Gov. We are all praying the polls turn around, there is plenty of time. Another supporter posted, "The debate in Ames tonight.... make a stand and let your voice be heard. Don't go quietly Tim. We Need You!!"

The last time the Republican presidential candidates faced off was nearly a month ago at the debate in New Hampshire. That night, Pawlenty was criticized by some for his less than stellar performance after he chose not to continue attacking Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care plan during the debate. Analysts coined it as a missed opportunity for Pawlenty, when just a day earlier Pawlenty used the term "Obamneycare" to describe President Obama's health insurance mandate.

Out of the more than three dozen comments posted on Pawlenty's Facebook page, at least one person raised the one question that's on the minds of Republican political operatives here in Iowa, "Will you be getting out (of the race) if you do not do well tonight or do not place in the straw poll?"

Eight of the Republican Presidential candidates will take center stage at Iowa State University in Ames tonight at 8p.m. CDT. Most of the candidates have spent the day behind closed doors, prepping for tonight surrounded by their campaign's senior advisers.